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Landscaping decisions go beyond just aesthetics; they often have profound financial implications. If you’re living in Phoenix, Arizona and you’re considering making the switch to artificial turf, this cost analysis will help you make the right decision. Read on to see the financial side of landscaping decisions and why an artificial lawn might just be the budget-friendly superhero your lawn needs.

The Cost of Maintaining Natural Grass

Annual Cost of Natural Grass Breakdown Chart

1. Watering Expenses in a Desert Climate

Living in the Arizona desert means we’ve got to face some tough truths about water scarcity. Monthly water bills for traditional grass lawns can be harsh on the wallet, not to mention the strain on our local water resources.

Considering that Arizona is increasing water rates in 2024 (and will again in 2025), it’s time to consider if there’s a smarter way to conserve water while still having a beautiful lawn.

2. Maintenance Expenses

Sure, a well-manicured lawn looks nice, but the time and money we invest in these tasks can add up faster (we’re talking thousands of dollars a year at a minimum).

For those of us who prefer the sip-lemonade-on-the-porch lifestyle over wrestling with a lawnmower, hiring professionals seems like a sweet deal. But wait, there’s a cost attached, and it’s not just the dollars – it’s the trade-off between convenience and budget.

3. Fertilizers and Pesticides

Then, there are fertilizers and pesticides. Beyond the costs, there’s the worry about what these chemicals might be doing to our environment and our health. The starting annual costs may not look like much but can skyrocket quickly if you splurge for the safe options (which you’ll want if you have pets and children).

4. Reseeding

Reseeding is a recurring expense for those committed to maintaining a lush natural grass lawn in Arizona. This process typically involves spreading new grass seed over existing turf to rejuvenate its growth and fill in any bare spots. The cost of reseeding can vary, with factors like the size of the lawn, the type of grass seed chosen, and the overall condition of the existing turf influencing the overall expenditure.

Homeowners need to budget for not only the cost of the grass seed itself but also any additional soil amendments, fertilizers, and tools required for proper seeding. While reseeding contributes to a healthier lawn, you’ll need to consider the financial commitment over time, especially when exploring alternative, low-maintenance options like artificial turf that eliminate the need for such recurring expenses.

5. Landscaping Equipment and Tools

Let’s not forget the upfront investment in lawnmowers and trimmers. Quality matters, and so does ongoing maintenance. On top of the financial cost, you need to calculate the emotional, mental, and physical burden of performing your maintenance (which can be even more taxing in the Phoenix summer sun).

Artificial Turf Installation Costs

Picture of Cost Comparison of Fake Grass Versus Real

Let’s switch gears and talk about artificial turf. While there is an initial investment, it might surprise you how it stacks up against the ongoing costs of maintaining a natural grass lawn.

The installation costs of artificial turf include materials and labor expenses. Optional features and customization costs can further contribute to the overall initial investment. There are various types of artificial turf at different price points. Consider durability and quality to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Wondering how much turf you’ll need? Use our free online calculator.

Artificial Turf Long-Term Savings

Artificial turf is like a low-maintenance friend who never asks for anything. Say goodbye to regular mowing, trimming, and watering. Your weekends just freed up!

In 15 years, you can save an average of 660,000 gallons of water (which adds up to thousands of dollars). Plus, it’s built to last for decades. The durability of artificial turf in our scorching Arizona climate means you won’t be shelling out for replacements as often.

More Benefits of Artificial Turf

Backyard with Faux Grass and Custom Lights

Environmental: Artificial turf isn’t just about saving you money; it’s also about being kind to Mother Earth. Less water usage, and fewer chemicals – it’s a win-win!
Aesthetics and Curb Appeal: Imagine a lawn that looks like it’s always postcard-ready. Artificial turf maintains that lush, green appearance 24/7, with bonus points for customization options that can turn your yard into a showstopper.
Resale Value of Properties with Artificial Turf: Artificial turf can increase your home’s value by an average of 7%. If you ever decide to move, artificial turf might just be your secret weapon. Low-maintenance landscaping is a hot ticket in the real estate market, and potential buyers love the idea of a beautiful, eco-friendly yard without the hassle.

Where to Get Artificial Grass Installed in the Valley

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When it comes to the Arizona artificial turf decision our friendly advice is to always take the synthetic side. Turf Monsters is your one-stop shop to not only make your yard look amazing but also to save you some serious green – both in your wallet and on your lawn! Consider the switch, and let’s make Arizona landscaping a cost-effective, water-saving, and beautiful adventure!

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