For Phoenix homeowners, creating an inviting backyard oasis is a top priority. Given our desert climate and hot summers, there’s nothing quite like having a comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing outdoor space to relax and entertain.

The past few years have seen several major landscaping trends emerge as homeowners seek to transform their backyards into personalized havens and extend their living space beyond the walls of their homes.

Sustainable, low-maintenance landscaping is key, especially when integrating artificial grass and turf. As a leading provider of high-quality artificial turf products and installation services, Turf Monsters understands the importance of helping Phoenix residents adapt their backyards for our harsh climate while conserving water. We aim to highlight landscape designs that not only look stunning but also make sense for the environment.

Today, we’ll be covering the top five backyard landscaping trends that Phoenix homeowners need to know about for 2024. From cozy fire features to outdoor kitchens and shade structures, we’ll provide an overview of each popular trend along with insights into how features like artificial turf from Turf Monsters can enhance these spaces for comfort, convenience and sustainability.

Let’s dive in!

Outdoor Living Spaces Phoenix Yard New Outdoor Kitchen with Chrome Grill

Outdoor living spaces have exploded in popularity in recent years as Phoenix homeowners seek to create inviting backyard areas for relaxation, dining, and entertainment.Structures like outdoor kitchens, media walls, and storage spaces allow you to fully outfit your yard with the features you’d expect indoors. The benefits are clear: improved airflow, ample room, and closer proximity to pools or lawn spaces for games.

Outdoor kitchens in particular have become a highly coveted backyard addition. With built-in cabinets, appliances, sinks, and counters, outdoor kitchens allow you to prep meals with ease outdoors. Entertainment amenities like flat-screen TVs, speakers, and mood lighting transform your outdoor area into a comfortable living room under the open skies. Expanding the footprint of your home through thoughtfully designed and decorated outdoor rooms gives you added flexibility in how you use your backyard.

Integrating artificial turf products from Turf Monsters greatly enhances the aesthetic appeal of luxe outdoor living spaces. The lush green grass adds vibrancy and life to neutral-toned structures. And perhaps best of all, our artificial turf eliminates the need for watering, mowing and other lawn maintenance. You can spend more time enjoying outdoor living without hassle.

Fire Features

custom fire pits and grills scottsdale arizona, custom fire pits and grills scottsdale az

Outdoor fire features like fireplaces, fire pits, and chimeneas have become wildly popular additions to Phoenix backyards thanks to our climate. During the cooler winter months, having a source of warmth and light outdoors extends the amount of time you can spend outside comfortably in the evenings. Plus, gathering around flickering flames creates an unbeatable ambiance any time of year.

Fire features also lend themselves nicely to cooking Prep a simmering pot of chili or roast hot dogs and marshmallows over an open fire. Multiple seating areas oriented around a central fire enclosure promote conversation and connection. The dancing flames have an almost mesmerizing effect that facilitates relaxation.

Integrating fire features into landscapes with artificial turf creates a cohesive, luxe backyard design. The lush green grass and vibrant red/orange blaze complement each other beautifully. The fire presents a focal point while the turf offers soft, durable ground cover for furniture grouping and foot traffic around it.

Water Features Backyard Water Fountain Grey Stone

Incorporating water elements into backyard landscaping brings numerous benefits, from enhancing aesthetics to attracting wildlife. The serene sound of running water has an instantly relaxing effect that facilitates outdoor relaxation. Water features also help drown out ambient noise pollution for further peace of mind.

Options for integrating water range from stunning multi-level waterfalls to large swimming pools with infinity edges. Newer designs even combine the beauty of fire and water in the same installation. Strategically placed around a seating area or adjacent to an outdoor kitchen, water installations become delightful focal points.

When adding any water feature, focus on water conservation through recirculating pumps and smart irrigation. Surround with low-maintenance artificial turf and plants suited for our climate. Turf Monster’s artificial grass mimics lush lawn without wasting water. Paired with mindful water features, you can sustainably enhance your backyard oasis.

Shade Structures

Pergola with seating

Shade is a precious commodity in Phoenix’s sunny climate. Structures like ramadas, pergolas and poolside shade sails allow you to comfortably enjoy the outdoors without roasting. The right amount of protection from the harsh overhead rays makes spending extended time outside possible any month of the year.

Common shade structure designs include wood, metal and fabric builds. Each material offers unique aesthetic benefits. For example, breezy fabric sails placed over lounge areas create whimsical style while wood pergolas feel earthy and grounded. No matter what material you choose, strategic orientation that blocks western sun exposure is key.

When integrating shade structures, consider how the structures will pair with other landscaping like artificial turf. Coordinate colors and materials for cohesion. Turf Monster’s artificial grass dances beautifully under gently swaying fabric ceilings or grounding wood beams. Complete your personal backyard sanctuary with the perfect amount of shade.

Sustainable Landscaping artificial turf backyard with cactus

As water conservation efforts increase, Phoenix homeowners prioritize sustainable landscape design. Instead of resource-intensive grass lawns, native plants and artificial turf better withstand our arid region’s climate variations. Permeable hardscapes like pea gravel and concrete pavers also facilitate better water absorption and drainage while looking sleek.

At Turf Monsters, we specialize in the most realistic-looking artificial grass available. Our faux lawns capture the aesthetic of lush green grass without waste. And since our products are made in America from recycled materials, you can feel good about sustainability. Surround fake grass with resilient native plants and eco-conscious hardscape solutions for the ultimate desert-inspired haven.


Whether you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen, fire feature, water installation, shade structure or sustainable landscaping elements, embracing these top backyard trends is sure to transform your Phoenix oasis. Each design trend offers unique aesthetic and practical perks so you can extend your home’s livable footprint in style and comfort.

When planning your ideal yard updates, be sure to consider integrating superior-quality artificial turf products from Turf Monsters. Our faux grass increases enjoyment of your personalized landscaping designs through vibrant color that pops and unbeatable softness underfoot. It also conserves water for sustainability.

Looking to give your yard a facelift? If so, a new pergola may be the perfect solution! At Turf Monsters, we construct custom pergolas throughout the Valley of the Sun and further north. To learn more, please visit the location page nearest to you: Anthem, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Peoria, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, or click here to speak with our design team.

The 2024 trends offer countless ways to customize your backyard. Bring your entertainment, relaxation and landscaping goals to life by exploring these on-trend additions. Quality turf installation from Turf Monsters paired with your favorite design features will have you enjoying backyard bliss in no time. Now serving Prescott and Camp Verde artificial grass customers!

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