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Turf Monsters has been providing Phoenix and the surrounding area with award-winning artificial turf installation and landscaping services since 2018. We are proud to now announce that on top of high-quality turf installation, we are now your go-to wholesale provider.
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Save Water

Our synthetic grass requires next to no water to maintain lawn health, only for rinsing off which can save you tons of money while keeping a green lawn all year long!

Save Money

With less water costs, less landscaping maintenance costs and more time with your perfect yard, artificial turf is a no brainer for savings!

Save Time

Turf Monsters does full services landscaping meaning we know the ins and outs of everything you need! We are your partner for whatever step of the process you might need help with from lighting to pavers.

North Phoenix-AZ Custom Installed Green Faux Grass

Artificial Turf For Sale

Artificial turf has been a mainstay in landscaping for quite some time now, however, recent improvements in overall quality have made synthetic lawns more popular than ever. Artificial turf is so much more than “fake grass.” It offers many advantages over traditional lawns, especially in hot, dry climates like Arizona. An artificial lawn is a great way to easily increase your home’s curb appeal and transform your property’s outdoor spaces into your oasis. The faux grass in an artificial lawn does not require frequent watering to stay green year-round and is durable enough to hold up against wear and tear from high foot traffic or pets. Turf Monsters has been one of the premier turf suppliers to the Phoenix area since 2018 and is now offering artificial turf for sale through both installation services and artificial grass wholesale. Whether you are ready to pay for professional turf installation services or just searching for “artificial grass near me” contact our experts to learn more.

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Premium Synthetic Turf
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Premium Synthetic Turf

Not all artificial grass is made the same. Low-quality synthetic turf may be cheap to buy but can’t compare to premium synthetic turf options. A cheap synthetic lawn often feels and behaves like a plastic carpet. Turf Monsters’ premium synthetic turf is a step above. The faux grass from Turf Monsters looks, feels, and performs like the real thing but offers many benefits compared to other synthetic turfs and real sod alike. Some of the benefits that premium synthetic turf provides include: Made from non-toxic materials.

  • Grass-like feel.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • Different pile heights to choose from.
  • Low maintenance (the lack of watering alone is a real draw in Arizona)
  • Green outdoor escape year-round.
  • More usable outdoor space.
  • Cost-effective (no worry about regular and frequent maintenance costs)
  • No muddy yards or standing water during the rainy season
  • More time spent enjoying your yard than taking care of it.


At Turf Monsters quality means everything. We don’t install just any old turf products, instead, we meticulously vet all of the products on the market so we can be sure that our clients only receive the best. That is why we are proud installers of TigerTurf and Everlast Turf products.

TigerTurf Artificial Grass

TigerTurf products are proudly made right here in the United States of America and are engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, pet usage, weather conditions, and more! TigerTurf products are designed to replicate natural grass in shape, color, and feel. Each artificial turf blade is soft and nonabrasive making it perfect for both kids and pets. Turf Monsters carries the following TigerTurf product lines:

  • Elite Fescue Pro
  • Elite Fescue
  • Elite Pet Turf
  • Elite Spring Pro
  • Nylon Putt 2-Tone
  • Sure Putt

Everlast Turf Artificial Grass

Everlast Turf manufactures soft, supple, and resilient grass that is intricate and impeccable. Everlast Turf performed exhaustive research and development to ensure its multi-colored blades of artificial grass create a virtual match to the real thing. In addition to looking great, Everlast Turf products contain UV-resistant technology to guarantee that your landscape will remain beautifully realistic for years to come! Turf Monsters carries the following Everlast Turf product lines:

  • Glacier Series Pro
  • Desert Oasis
  • Elite Pet Turf
  • Desert Oasis Pro
  • Glacier Series
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Artificial Putting Greens

Purchase Artificial Turf For Custom Putting Greens

Turf Monsters is a leader in custom, one-of-a-kind backyard putting greens in the greater Phoenix area. Now that Turf Monsters is offering synthetic turf green wholesale, you can build your own, dream custom golf green in your backyard. Since Turf Monsters only uses and sells the highest quality artificial grass carpet products, the synthetic fiber turf is extremely durable, low-maintenance, scuff-resistant, and looks feels, and acts just like the real thing. A home putting green will transform your yard into the envy of the neighborhood as well as greatly increase the value of your property by raising your home’s curb appeal. A custom golf green is not only an investment for your property but also an investment for your personal life. You’ll be much more comfortable and willing to see what works for you from the privacy of your very own, natural-looking grass green. Instead of only being able to work on your golf game once or twice a week, home putting and chipping greens provide the convenience of practicing whenever you have free time. Barring that, it’s a great way to unwind and relax at the end of the day.

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The saying “measure twice, cut once” holds significant weight in artificial turf installation. Before beginning the installation process, grasping the precise quantity of synthetic grass required is paramount. You certainly wouldn’t wish to find yourself short of materials midway through the project! Thankfully, we offer an invaluable calculator to determine the exact amount of artificial turf you need. It considers the type of turf and the project area size, ensuring you get accurate results.

Utilize our comprehensive turf calculator to figure out exactly how much you will need!

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Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Pets can have a significant impact on landscaping. A dog that runs along the same path back and forth along fences will wear out a natural grass yard. Artificial lawns are much more resilient to the wear and tear from frequent use. Additionally, artificial turf for dogs is easy to maintain and clean. Dog waste can cause brown staining or dead spots across the surface of a real lawn. With synthetic fiber grass in place, the only maintenance required is the daily pickup of droppings and the occasional spot rinse to keep your lawn looking terrific year-round. It is important to make sure that you do not cut corners when it comes to pet-friendly artificial grass. Many cheap fake turfs being imported can contain toxic materials that are dangerous to your pet. Turf Monsters’ Pet-Friendly Turf is designed with materials that are non-toxic, soft to the touch, heat-resistant, and specifically installed to ensure all you have to do is enjoy the special moments that are sure to come in your improved space.

Get inspired for your new landscaping project by checking out some of our synthetic grass projects in neighboring Phoenix, Paradise Valley, and Peoria.


Although the upfront cost for materials and installation may seem high, the long-term savings and many benefits that come with having an artificial lawn make it more than worth it. Synthetic turf will save you time and money by eliminating the need to water regularly and eliminating lawn maintenance.

Artificial turf does not require watering, mowing, or fertilizing so you can save water, reduce reliance on gas-powered machines, and eliminate any harm from fertilizer runoff.

The lifespan of artificial turf will depend on a few factors like the amount of anticipated wear and proper maintenance, but on average a turf lawn will last for around 15-20 years.

The best artificial turf for dogs will be able to stand up to constant pet traffic and won’t tear or damage by digging, chewing, or clawing. Pet owners should install a turf that’s non-toxic, allergen-free, soft to the touch, heat resistant, and easy to rise off.



We recently put about 900sq ft of artificial grass in our backyard. Mike came out to show some samples and explained the benefits of each one. Scheduling was quick and easy and the crew showed up on time. They did a great job with install and cleaning up after. We will definitely refer them to friends and family in the future. Thanks, guys!
Sara B.
Mike is so amazing to work with. He’s extremely professional, knowledgeable, and takes pride in his product and the end result. He will not disappoint. He took the time to listen to our vision, and give us input based off his professional experience. Mike sent is pictures of ideas, as well to help with our vision so that there was no miscommunication. Our backyard looks amazing!
Rebecca L.
Turf Monsters is a quality landscaping company. Mike is responsive, respectful and was helpful in designing our patio. I was looking for a simple layout and they were able to provide what I was looking for. Quality products to choose from and a smooth process from start to finish. Recommended for anyone looking to landscape their place.
Tim S.
Great work! Finished ahead of schedule and exceeded my expectations! They installed underground drainage and turf only for my house. I saw the work they did on my neighbor’s with pavers and turf and that’s what got me to ask one of their employees for a card. I highly recommend. Their sales guy, Michael, was always in contact with me to let me know the status of schedule/work as well. Check them out!
Ryan M.

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Turf Monsters is in your neighborhood! We offer turf installation and landscaping services valley-wide. Call us today to schedule a free estimate.

Turf Monsters’ landscapers have been serving satisfied customers in the greater Phoenix area since 2018. Aside from low-maintenance, gorgeous, luxurious turf installations, we also offer landscape lighting, outdoor lights, traditional landscaping, outdoor pergolas, artificial grass for dogs, hardscapes (i.e. patios and sidewalks), plus customized fire pits and built-in BBQ grills. No matter what the project, we love helping customers create personalized, outdoor retreats! Turf Monsters currently serves the following areas:

Phoenix, Arizona & Surrounding

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Take a look at some of the recent projects to see how we can upgrade your outdoor space with our high-quality synthetic turf.


Looking for a bit of inspiration when it comes to installing artificial turf in your yard? If so, check out some of our most recent projects in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and Scottsdale.

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