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1. Will turf be safe for my kids/pets?

Absolutely! Artificial turf is comfortable and soft to the touch, and is also durable enough to handle heavy traffic and play. As an added bonus, turf is incredibly low maintenance of and will stay green for years to come.

2. Are there any differences between artificial grass products?

Yes, there are many differences across turf products – aesthetically, usability, and quality are 3 of the top distinguishing factors. The Turf Monsters team uses only the highest grade artificial turf. That being said, we offer a variety of quality turf types, and are more than happy to walk you through our turf products.

3. I’ve mainly seen turf on sports fields, can you install it on residential properties?

Turf can definitely be installed residentially, and makes any property look fantastic. We specialize in residential and commercial artificial grass installations that fit any area size or shape. We truly enjoy customizing outdoor spaces to be the best they can be – your dream lawn is a call away!

4. How long does it take to install turf?

Depending on the size and shape of your property, installing turf can take between 1-4 days to complete. We offer free estimates on all of our landscaping services, and take great care to make sure all of our installations are done perfectly. Click here to get a free estimate based on your landscaping needs.

5. Will installing artificial turf increase my property value?

Home financial experts across the board agree: quality artificial grass provides an immediate boost to any property value. In most cases, the initial investment and cost of installing turf is offset by the dramatic increase in property value. The promise of a beautiful, low maintenance lawn boosts desirability for potential home buyers. We work hard to create completely original landscapes for all of our customers; including you!

6. How long does artificial grass last?

High-end artificial grass can last a long time. In fact, the average lifespan is 15 to 20 years and if properly installed and maintained, can last even longer. Lesser quality artificial grass fades and disintegrates at a much faster rate. Maintenance is key, however. It’s recommended that you regularly hose down, brush, and remove any debris from your fake lawn.

7. How do you maintain artificial grass?

Maintaining fake grass involves cleaning, brushing, and addressing stains when they happen. To properly clean, remove twigs and leaves, rinse with water to get rid of dust, and clean up after dogs who may go to the bathroom on it right away. Regularly brushing the fibers keeps them upright and helps to maintain that manicured look. Finally, if a spill happens, dry and rinse immediately and use a mild detergent for more stubborn stains.

8. Can artificial grass be installed on any surface?

Artificial grass can be installed on just about any common landscaping surface, including concrete, over grass, and on soil. The most important factor is that the surface is level, a weed membrane goes down, and either sand or substrate is used for padding.

9. Does artificial grass fade or lose its color?

High-end synthetic grass keeps its color for a very long time, even under the blistering Arizona sun, thanks to being composed of UV stabilizing materials. Poor quality turf will lose its color at a much faster rate and is one of the fastest ways to recognize the cheap stuff.

10. Does artificial grass drain well?

When professionally installed, fake grass drains exceptionally well and much better than its real grass counterpart. The faux lawn’s perforated backing layer allows for rain water to flow straight through it. The lawn’s design must include a plan for water runoff. Something that experienced installers take into consideration.

11. Can you install artificial grass yourself?

While a DIY install is certainly possible with synthetic grass, it’s highly recommended that pros are consulted, especially for larger projects. The design and installation does possess challenges and there are certain skills that are required to do it properly. When you hire a pro, you ensure the job is being done right from the get-go, which means a better quality install that will keep the lawn lasting longer. Furthermore, reputable companies like Turf Monster provide labor and material warranties.

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