It’s no secret that maintaining a ‘real’ grass yard requires hard work. The hours needed for regular up-keep ends up monopolizing any free time your weekend has; not to mention the certainty of having to do that work all over again in a few weeks.

Turf Monsters believes heavily in the ease and comfort of artificial turf – we’re available to answer any and all questions. Read the following 3 tips on how to easily maintain your artificial grass yard, then call our office for more!

1. Buy A Leaf Blower

Artificial grass is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. The best tool to start with is a compact leaf blower. With minimal effort, any unwanted leaves or debris are quickly taken care of, while leaving the quality and beauty of your yard intact. Using a leaf blower will also remove any sitting dust or dirt.

2. Pet Clean Up (The Right Way)

Our artificial grass is 100% pet safe, and makes cleaning up after your fluffy friend a breeze. We make sure to install all of our turf with animals in mind, and provide custom solutions to break down mold and mildew at the source. There are a few environmentally conscious cleaning solutions we highly recommend in order to kill all bacteria and odors – call our team for more information.

3. Spills Happen, Stains Don’t

We get it more than most, things happen! Turf Monsters artificial turf is built to be stain resistant, and will hold its original color for years. Most spills can be washed away with a simple rinse from your hose, and even the toughest stains can be removed with soap and warm water. In case of a turf stain emergency, try using equal parts vinegar and water with a few minutes of scrubbing.

We’re committed to providing the best landscaping services in Arizona, and we guarantee you won’t regret having a picture perfect yard. Along with the tips above, our team will set you up with everything you need to start enjoying your weekends again – call Turf Monsters today!

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    We are happy to help in any way we can. A member of our staff will reach out shortly.