With Arizona’s scorching hot summers and cold winter nights, there’s no better solution to an attractive, environmentally friendly lawn than clean artificial turf! In addition to saving money on water every month, the low-maintenance aspect of having synthetic grass is one of the main reasons homeowners choose to install faux grass in their yard. You’ll no longer spend your weekends pulling weeds, fertilizing, edging, and mowing. A perfect yard will greet you every morning, year-round.

If you’ve been considering fake grass for your front or backyard, Turf Monsters can help! Not only do we specialize in artificial turf installation, but we also offer quality services, including landscape lighting design, unique patio pavers installation, full tree and plant landscaping; and custom-built fire pits & grills. Our craftsmanship and custom installations will leave others green with envy over your new space.

Artificial turf is a simple, low-maintenance solution to having a great-looking yard throughout the year. Although it is significantly easier to maintain than regular grass, there are a few things you should do regularly to keep your turf looking and smelling its best! Below, we’ll explain how to clean your synthetic turf and how often you should clean it. For those dog lovers, we’ll cover how to clean dog urine and poop and the steps you should take to keep bacteria from building in your faux grass.

How Do I Clean My Yard’s Synthetic Turf?

Cleaning your yard’s synthetic turf is fast, easy, and affordable. Similar to cleaning the interior of your home, doing a small amount of cleaning regularly is preferred over performing an extensive, deep clean less often. By having a consistent cleaning schedule, you’ll keep your artificial grass looking great year-round.

As you would with natural grass, you can use a rake to pick up leaves and more oversized items that may have fallen onto your yard. Lightly rinse your artificial turf with water twice a week if dust buildup is common.

To prevent stains from developing on your synthetic grass, you’ll want to wash the area with a hose immediately. No heavy cleaners are needed, although turf deodorizing can be used to spot treat areas. For pet lovers, we’ll cover how to clean pet urine and waste below.

Remove any particles that might be buried deep within the grass using a brush or rake. If your grass is getting flat from heavy use, you can position the bristles back into their regular position by simply brushing them in the opposite direction.

How Often Should I Clean My Fake Grass?

Having a consistent artificial turf cleaning schedule will improve the durability and longevity of your synthetic grass by preventing dirt and bacteria from building up over time. We recommend rinsing it once a week if your yard receives heavy usage or is frequently affected by dust and debris.

Once a month will be enough to keep your turf looking cleaner and fresh if it doesn’t see heavy use from pets or kids. In addition, if leaves, blooms and other debris aren’t falling frequently in your yard, you can maintain a less frequent washing schedule.

Four times a year, you’ll want to do a complete cleaning of your turf to help maintain its structural integrity. Raking, picking up debris, brushing and rinsing will significantly increase its lifespan. Doing this methodical maintenance work might seem like a chore, but you only need to do it a few times a year instead of a few times a month with regular grass.

Cleaning artificial turf

How Do I Clean-up Dog Urine & Poop?

As pet lovers ourselves, we love how easy it is to clean up after our pets on artificial turf. Dog owners should follow these simple steps to keep your turf looking and smelling its best.

  1. Spray dog urine areas once a week with water. Dogs tend to urinate in the same part of the yard, which makes this task easy!
  2. Apply a turf deodorizer if needed. Having a turf deodorizer on hand will help eliminate odors that can develop over time, primarily if frequent rinsings aren’t performed often.
  3. Pick up dog waste using a poop shovel or bag. Hose down the area, so stains and smells don’t develop.

If you have a large yard, you might consider sectioning off a smaller area for your pet to pee and poop. This helps eliminate constant detective work trying to locate where they’ve used the bathroom. Artificial grass from Turf Monsters is the ideal solution for pet owners. Synthetic grass is stain-resistant, easy to clean, and safe for kids and pets to play on because it doesn’t require heavy pesticides or chemicals.

How Do I Get Stains Out of Artificial Turf?

Living in Arizona has its definite weather perks! Although it gets hot in the summer, especially in Central cities like Carefree, the rest of the year is perfect for spending time outdoors. Enjoying your backyard as an extension of your home means that spills and accidents will happen on your faux grass! There’s no need to be careful and play it safe. As previously mentioned, artificial grass is stain-resistant. Enjoy your backyard without worry! Most stains can be cleaned easily with water. Dirt, mud, scuff marks, blood, and wine spills can be cleaned with a gentle soap and water mix or a half and half mix of vinegar and water.

You want to keep stains and spills clear from your artificial grass because bacteria can develop. As long as you regularly rinse and spot-treat stains, spills, and pet waste from your yard, you won’t need to worry about bacteria building up. If it does, we recommend the natural, biodegradable mixture of half vinegar and water.


How Can I Keep My Faux Grass Looking Like New?

As the sun goes down that first evening after Turf Monsters installs your new artificial grass, you take a deep breath, knowing that you’ll never need to mow the lawn again. Life is great! There are no weeds to pull, no trips to the gas station to fill up fuel, and no strong chemical smells while you’re working outside. All that’s left is to know the secret to keep your artificial turf looking brand new for years to come.

The secret is brushing! Don’t worry! You won’t be down on your hands and knees with a tiny brush. You will, however, need to brush your new lawn carpet with a large natural bristle broom. Brushing artificial turf fibers help position the sand infill that keeps turf in place and keeps the blades of grass upright, so your lawn looks like an organic grass yard.

You’ll need to wait about three months after the initial installation to begin brushing your lawn. Your turf will be thoroughly settled after that period, and you can start a monthly brushing routine. Brush in multiple directions and patterns to keep the lawn looking fresh and spry.


There are many benefits to having a synthetic yard instead of natural grass. Artificial grass comes with a weed-proof foundation that doesn’t attract pests to your lawn. Plus, as mentioned above, artificial grass is easy to clean! Fake sod doesn’t require water to thrive, which, living in the Phoenix desert, is ideal.

Artificial turf is the perfect solution to having a great-looking, low-maintenance yard. Following the simple steps of rinsing pet urine and stains with a hose, applying turf deodorizer if needed, regularly raking debris, and brushing the turf, your new grass will look its best year-round for many years. Ready to make the investment? Turf Monsters specializes in turf installation and design and would love to help you build your dream yard. Contact us today to get started!

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