A dog can have a significant negative impact on landscaping, especially in environments that are naturally arid. This would describe most of the southwest, including Scottsdale, Peoria, Paradise Valley, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Dogs are creatures of habit, and typically run in well defined patterns, whether back and forth along fence lines, or between the house and a food bowl. This behavior will steadily wear down natural turf, as they trample paths through carefully cultivated grass. If your dog is also a digger, the result can be deep holes and completely ruined root systems.

Instead of constantly battling your dog’s effect on your lawn, having to repatch or reseed at regular intervals, you can choose a pet friendly alternative: artificial turf. This can keep your lawn looking fresh and green year-round, with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly due to no watering needs.

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Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

The best fake turf for dogs will be able to stand up to constant pet traffic, and won’t tear or give way if your dog tries to dig through it. The grass blades themselves as well as the backing should be resistant to chewing or clawing.

It’s also important that pet faux turf be constructed from materials that are non-toxic and allergen free, and won’t react to the natural chemicals found in dog urine and feces. Synthetic grass should be easy to wash and rinse off, draining excess water away to avoid soggy areas.

Why Artificial Turf Is a Good Idea for Pet Owners

If you love the look of a beautiful green lawn, but don’t care for the expense and environmental impact required to keep natural grass alive and thriving in a climate that requires a significant watering commitment, fake sod can be an ideal solution. Not to mention, fake grass lasts for up to 20 years.

For pet owners, using faux lawn in their front or backyard delivers even more benefits. Dog waste can cause brown staining or dead spots across the surface of a lawn. With synthetic fiber grass in place, there’s no watering required, just a daily pickup if droppings and the occasional spot rinse to keep your lawn looking terrific year-round.

What Kind of Fake Grass is Best for Dogs?

When it comes to artificial turf, pros and cons apply for different blade shapes and degrees of stiffness. If your dog likes to eat grass, make sure the grass blades aren’t too stiff or sharp. Softer blades can also be a better choice for small dogs or dogs with tender paws.

However, grass made from fibrous blades that are too soft and flimsy can bend and cause flat patches where your dog likes to lay down. This is especially true if you have a large breed dog who has picked out a favorite spot to lie and bask in the sun every day.  

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What NOT to Use for Dogs

If you’re searching the internet for “artificial turf for dogs near me” be aware that not all grass made from fibers is created the same. Many inexpensive fake turfs being imported can contain lead or other toxic material, and can be dangerous to your pet. Even U.S. made artificial lawns manufactured prior to 2008 can contain dangerous levels of lead, so don’t buy old rolls at a yard sale.

You should also avoid using green “indoor-outdoor” carpet as a substitute for synthetic grass in your yard. It’s not durable, not eco friendly, and could contain harmful substances. In addition, it won’t drain properly, and could result in puddled rain and urine in spots.a

Our synthetic grass options are made in the U.S.A. from non-toxic, heat resistant, and environmentally responsible materials. If you’re worrying about how to install artificial turf for dogs, we have you covered: our team will install it for you, leaving you with a low maintenance, pet-friendly lawn that you can enjoy for years to come. 

If you are ready for a lawn that always looks fresh, natural and lush, but can double as a tough, durable dog yard for your four-legged family members, contact Turf Monsters today. We can cover your existing yard with an attractive, dog-friendly surface, or help you plan a completely new enclosure where your dogs can play and relax. 

Click here to discover three ways synthetic grass can save you money. or here to see how much faux grass costs.

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