Seeing as our summers are famous for temperatures so high and dry you can bake cookies on your dashboard, your grass probably looks the same color of brown. Instead, take some oven baked cookies and host a lemonade stand on your greener-than-green synthetic turf lawn! Here are 4 reasons why a synthetic lawn, which can last for 20 years in Central Arizona, won’t be as big of a pain in the grass:

1. You Need the Water and Now Your Lawn Won’t!

Our synthetic grass requires next to no water to maintain lawn health, only for rinsing off remains after one of our famous Arizona dust storms or to cool it off before playing with your family dog or setting up a slip-n-slide for the kiddos.

2. No Maintenance- Are You Raking Kidding Me?!

Say goodbye to mowing, raking, and continually having to re-seed. With our artificial turf, you will never again waste a Saturday mowing your lawn.

3. Your Neighbors will be Green with Envy All Year Round

Through Arizona’s moisture sucking summers and our frost covering winters, your lawn will be as green as your neighbor’s faces when they see our synthetic grass displayed on your front yard.

4. No Pests and No Mess!

In addition to not allowing the growth and spread of weeds, synthetic turf doesn’t attract and provide a home for our native critters; That means no messy, environmentally harmful pesticides and weed killer. Basically, you’re saving the environment and your wallet.

Learn more about artificial grass and how much it costs by clicking here.

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