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Our options of artificial turf in Prescott feature a mix of olive green and field green turf fibers that looks as real as it feels.
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Imagine stepping into a backyard that feels like your own slice of paradise, with lush green grass that never needs mowing and will never make you itchy. That’s what Turf Monsters brings to the table in Prescott, AZ with our superior imitation grass products! We’re all about giving you the best fake grass available, but we also offer a full suite of landscaping services, which includes hardscapes.

Turning your backyard into a mini-golf course with fake grass that feels just like the real thing. Having your own practice green to unwind after, or during, a hard day’s work means your golf game is going to improve! Plus, our high-quality and durable turf is entirely pet-friendly, so it’s great for dogs who love running around outside while you’re practicing your pitch-and-putts.

Let’s dig into why folks love our top-notch turf—it looks real and lasts much longer than other lesser-quality products on the market.

Artificial Grass Carefree Turf Monsters AZ

Premium Artificial Turf in Prescott, AZ

Ever thought about why fake grass is becoming such a popular choice amongst homeowners? It’s mostly because high-quality turf lasts for a long time and it doesn’t require the upkeep of real grass. High-quality turf stays bright green and won’t fade under Arizona’s sun, doesn’t get ruined even if you use it like crazy, survives wild Monsoon weather, and can handle your pets zooming across it all day! So, to recap, quality turf means less yard work for you, the synthetic material looks great for longer, and adds curb-appeal with minimal effort.

Going with fake grass can also help with alleviating Arizona’s water supply issues. Real grass needs plenty of water to stay green. Additionally, you have to mow it regularly, which equates to carbon burning – further straining our warming environment. But with artificial turf, once it’s installed, that’s it—no watering or mowing needed! Not to mention, fake grass means you can ditch harmful chemicals used for weed-control and fertilizing, making your yard safer for pets and their hoomans alike!

Go with Turf Monsters over the other guys when you want awesome faux grass at your Prescott home or place of business! Our crew knows their stuff and they bring decades of combined experience when it comes to preparation at putting it down. They make sure the turf looks just like real grass and that it’s tough enough to last for years to come. We focus on all the little things, leaving no boxes unchecked, to make sure your lawn and entire yard looks amazing – making your entire property standout.

By the way, getting a aye-inspiring yard doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Turf Monsters has awesome deals on a variety of turf types that’ll let you spruce up your place without emptying your wallet. We’ve got different packages that are easy on the pocketbook, so every Prescott homeowner can realize the yard of their dreams and still keep their bank account in the black. Reach out today for a quote to see the Turf Monsters’ difference for yourself.

Here’s why Turf Monsters excels:

  1. 100% American-made
  2. Non-toxic
  3. Heat-resistant
  4. Great for pets
  5. Soft like real grass

Turf Monsters only goal is helping customers. We’re not just another turf company in Prescott; we set the bar! From the get-go, you’ll appreciate our friendly vibe and willingness to make ourselves available to you if anything about your project requires explanation.

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Backyard Putting Green Turf Monsters AZ


Imagine having your own mini-golf course right in your backyard. Imagine how good your game will improve! With a fun, well-designed artificial grass putting green, you can practice adding backspin to your pitch shots and sinking putts any time you feel like it.

A lawn that stays green and ready to use, no matter what the weather does, is why artificial grass is perfect for a backyard green. When it’s sunny or even when the haboobs hit, our faux grass doesn’t skip a beat. It won’t get ruined up by too much rain or damaged by scorching heat like natural grass can. Our artificial turf is always ready for action, all year round, staying green and with the perfect feel without worrying about what the weatherman forecasts.

A mini-golf course right in your backyard is Turf Monsters’ specialty! Our grass is not like the fake, poor-quality stuff you might be used to; it’s the best product on the market, designed to look and feel amazing. To boot, many Arizona home buyers are actively looking for yards with backyard putting greens. Meaning you could get a higher offer or move your property more quickly, should you decide to sell.

So why wait? Transforming a backyard into stunning oasis that resembles your favorite golf course is literally a call away!

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dog turf

Pet Friendly & Multipurpose Turf in Prescott, AZ

A bright green lawn that looks just like the real thing, is just as much fun for pets as the real thing, but doesn’t cause the inconveniences of the real thing, is what many pet owners are after! Folks in Prescott with dogs or cats are choosing fake grass more and more and for good reason. Pets can’t get enough of playing on this soft, synthetic-fiber turf—it feels so much like natural grass without being rough on their paws. And when your furry buddy makes a mess? No sweat! You can quickly pick up after them and give it a quick spray down with the hose to keep odors at bay.

Turf Monsters’ fake grass is tough enough to take on whatever your dog can throw at it and way more durable than regular lawns. Our artificial grass options are made of strong, nearly indestructible, material that doesn’t rip or fade easily. In other words, Turf Monsters’ grass keeps looking new and green, year-after-year of use.

Maintaining your new turf is a breeze too. Simply spraying away the dirt with your garden hose and giving it a quick comb to make everything stand tall and neat again is all you have to do! Forget about ugly brown patches from dog waste or worn-out trails from where your pup loves to run; those are things of the past now.

Why not give us a call for a quote? We’d love to hear all about your pet pal (we’ll even tell you about ours!) and figure out what would get their tail wagging in joy!

Also, keep in mind, artificial grass is basically a no-bug zone, so your pups can play without flea or tick worries. And you won’t stress as much about those creepy-crawlies hitching a ride indoors on your doggo either! Fake grass is doesn’t agitate pet allergies either, so if your dog has grass-related allergies, so they won’t sneeze or itch as much.

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A backyard where the grass is always green and never needs mowing; now that sounds nice, right?! That’s what Turf Monsters in Prescott can do for you! We’re experts at putting down fake grass that looks real and stays ready for use, 24/7 without all the work the real stuff requires. It’s not just a great surface to play on; it can also add value to your property.

Your lush, green lawn that never turns brown and doesn’t need any watering or cutting is a call away. Turf Monsters’ solutions saves money spent on upkeep and gives you a yard that you can spend more time hanging out in than working on. And as we pointed out, your furry friends dig it just as much as you will, minus the actual digging part!

Get ready you’re about to make your backyard the awesome oasis you’ve always desired! Chat with Turf Monsters’ design team today about how you want your yard to look and we’ll take it from there. Before you know it, you’ll be having a blast in your new outdoor hangout spot.

Reach out now to get the ball rolling!

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Our backyard is really looking good now thanks to Turf Monsters AZ.
If you are looking to get turf installed, I 100% recommend them! I can’t see any seams which was my biggest concern knowing our yard was going to be a pain to put turf in with all the weird cuts and angles.
They also got us and planted a great lemon and lime tree that already is bearing fruit! Along with replacing all of our backyard irrigation.

Jacob D
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A lot of questions come up when you first start looking into making the switch to an artificial lawn: Which type of turf is the best one for my needs? How much does artificial grass cost? How much maintenance does it require? And the list goes on.
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