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Our options of artificial turf in Sun City feature a mix of olive green and field green turf fibers that looks as real as it feels.
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Welcome to Turf Monsters, your premier destination in Sun City for top-notch, long-lasting artificial grass solutions. Our team of artificial turf experts are here to offer you a wide range of services, including full front and backyard lawns, personalized putting greens, and grills surrounded by serene landscape lighting.

Our utmost priority is to outdo the expectations of every customer we serve. To reach this, we are committed to involving homeowners in the creation of their new outdoor spaces and incorporating the finest quality synthetic grass available in the market.

From the beginning, we collaborate with you to shape your dream landscape. Our design professionals possess a wealth of experience, while our installation experts ensure the meticulous placement of your synthetic grass, guaranteeing a breathtaking and enduring transformation of your backyard that will endure for many years to come.

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Premium Artificial Turf in Sun City, AZ

Artificial grass presents an excellent opportunity to not only lower your water expenses, but also contribute to vital water conservation efforts within the heart of the Sonoran Desert.

One of the most significant benefits of opting for synthetic turf is your significantly reduced amount of yard work. This means saying goodbye to mowing the lawn, trimming overgrown grass, battling with weeds, or sowing seeds. Synthetic grass requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for those ready to devote more time to relaxing and less time to upkeep.

To guarantee the long-lasting allure of your yard, we carefully select premium-grade turf that can withstand the scorching heat of Sun City’s hottest days and endure the annual Arizona monsoon season.

Aside from minimal upkeep, the top advantage of opting for synthetic grass is the aesthetic appeal it offers all year ’round. Your lawn’s grass remains vibrantly green, free of blemishes, and impeccably maintained no matter the season. For homeowners seeking a rapid and cost-effective solution to upgrade their property’s curb appeal, artificial turf stands as an excellent choice.

Enjoy a range of benefits from artificial grass, including its hypoallergenic make-up, ability to deter bugs and pests, and its year-round safety for both children and pets.

So, what sets Turf Monsters’ artificial grass apart from the competition? Let’s take a look:

  • Manufactured entirely in the USA
  • Free from harmful toxins
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Safe for pets
  • Remarkably soft, akin to natural grass

While we offer the finest synthetic grass available, we also provide a diverse range of options to accommodate each customers’ specific needs and budgets. We’re so confident in the quality of our product and installation services, we back it with a 10-year product warranty and a two-year labor warranty.

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Are you ready to shave a few strokes off your next round of golf? If your answer is yes, then treat yourself to the addition of a personalized backyard putting green as the best strategy to enhance your golfing proficiency.

One of the most compelling advantages of having your own backyard putting green is the sheer convenience it offers. With a backyard golf green, you have the freedom to hone your putting skills whenever it suits you, any day or time.

When it comes to crafting your backyard putting green, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for various pre-designed layouts, or collaborate with our expert team to conceptualize the ultimate putting challenge complete with obstacles, undulating terrains, and mini-golf-like twists and turns.

It may come as no surprise that a home featuring an appealing backyard putting green contributes significantly to the overall attractiveness of your home. Many prospective Sun City homebuyers are actively seeking properties with entertaining and active outdoor spaces.

With the addition of a couple of shade-providing trees or a Turf Monsters installed pergola, you can take advantage of your backyard putting green during the hottest days of summer. Thanks to our top-quality materials and expert installation, your putting green retains its pristine condition season after season.

Unlike the upkeep needed for a golf course’s putting green, your backyard setup demands minimal maintenance to remain visually stunning and fully functional. It’s time to enjoy the benefits!

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Pet Friendly and Multipurpose Turf in Sun City, AZ

Artificial grass isn’t just a homeowner’s best friend; it’s also your pet’s second-best companion! When it comes to your pets, synthetic turf offers a fantastic solution that is both safe and easy to maintain, and it stays in pristine condition without fading or stains.

To combat odors, a regular hose-down of your artificial grass is recommended, allowing any remains to dissipate through the turf’s integrated irrigation system.

If you have an energetic pup that loves to play, rest assured that Turf Monsters’ grass can keep up with their antics. Your synthetic lawn can withstand hours of daily play and effectively deters digging – sorry Fido, you’ll need to find another spot for that buried bone!

Since synthetic grass doesn’t harbor dirt, your dog won’t track mud into your home, even after a rainstorm. Your pet can venture outside and return indoors as clean as when they left!

Because artificial grass doesn’t attract these pesky insects, your pets can enjoy the outdoors without concerns about fleas or ticks! Plus, no more worrying about your dog potentially bringing bugs inside your home.

Don’t forget that artificial turf is allergen-free, which means fewer allergic reactions for your dog or cat, especially if they suffer from pollen-related allergies.

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Don’t put off building your backyard oasis! Contact Turf Monsters today to discuss your perfect yard design and leave the rest to us. You’ll be enjoying your outdoor space like you never have before and in record time.

Reach out to our team today and allow us to show you the Turf Monster’s difference. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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Our backyard is really looking good now thanks to Turf Monsters AZ.
If you are looking to get turf installed, I 100% recommend them! I can’t see any seams which was my biggest concern knowing our yard was going to be a pain to put turf in with all the weird cuts and angles.
They also got us and planted a great lemon and lime tree that already is bearing fruit! Along with replacing all of our backyard irrigation.

Jacob D
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A lot of questions come up when you first start looking into making the switch to an artificial lawn: Which type of turf is the best one for my needs? How much does artificial grass cost? How much maintenance does it require? And the list goes on.
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