Grass is meant to be soft and green, the type of lawn you look at and want to take your shoes off, lay down, and try to find shapes in the clouds. No one wants to step on crunchy, brown remnants of grass when they take their shoes off trying to relax. When the lawn of a property is manicured perfectly, the value of it immediately goes up! Choosing our artificial turf for your property will give you more bang for your buck and here’s why:

1. No More of the Water Bill Hitting You Below the Belt

Nothing is worse than getting the water bill every month and knowing half of it went to your lawn and it still doesn’t look the best it could. Thankfully turf doesn’t require any watering or sprinkler system so you’re able to save that water and money for something more important- like a water balloon fight or air conditioning on those blistering summer days. With our artificial grass, you will have more green on your lawn and more in your pocket.

2. Adding Worth with No Work

Your lawn and landscape is the first thing potential buyers will see if you ever decide to sell your property. Artificial grass requires little to absolutely no maintenance, allowing you to just sit back and admire yourself for making a good decision to up your profit by impressing clients and guests with the greenest grass this side of the Grand Canyon.

3. Finally Fertilizer Will Stop Draining Your Funds

Several times a year you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars to reseed, fertilize, and upkeep for your organic grass lawn according to the season, only for it to end up dry and stiff. Our synthetic grass lasts upwards for 15-20 years with no consistent maintenance required, stopping the process of reseeding that wrecks your wallet.

Visit this link to see how much Phoenix residents pay for an artificial lawn.

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