Synthetic grass is designed to be incredibly soft and consistently green. Installing artificial turf creates the type of lawn that makes you want to take your shoes off, lay down, and try to find shapes in the Arizona clouds. No one wants to step on crunchy, brown, remnants of grass that dies at the start of each season. When the lawn of any property uses artificial grass, the value of the property immediately goes up! Choosing Turf Monsters to install lawn made of synthetic fibers for your residential or commercial properties in Arizona gives you more bang for your buck, and generates more green in your wallet. Ready for a free quote? Let’s kick some grass!

1. Using Faux Grass in Arizona Means No More Water Bills Hitting You Below the Belt

Nothing is worse than getting the water bill every month and knowing half of it went to your lawn, but it still looks just as dead as every other grassy area in Phoenix. Thankfully, artificial turf requires minimal watering to maintain, and Turf Monsters offers specific sprinkler systems for fake sod upkeep. That way you’re able to use your money on more important things (like air conditioning and a cold beer on our blistering hot Arizona summer days). Using artificial grass guarantees savings on your water bill all year long.

2. Artificial Grass Adds Worth Without Endless Work

Thinking of selling your property? Your lawn and landscape are the first things any potential buyers will see. Turf Monsters installs 100% American made, top quality fake grass that requires little maintenance to look amazing. Our front and backyard installations are durable enough to last a lifetime, and can be used all year long – even in the Phoenix heat! This allows you to sit back and enjoy the growth of your property value without breaking your back. When the time comes to sell your property, make sure you’re getting the most money out of it with Turf Monsters!

3. Synthetic Fiber Turf Doesn’t Require Seasonal Reseeding

Organic grass lawns in Arizona require reseeding several times a year, costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars to maintain natural grass that you know will end up brown and stiff anyway. Turf Monsters offers custom synthetic carpet lawns that last 10-20+ years in Arizona with minimal routine maintenance.

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You can also get some inspiration by visiting our portfolio pages for faux grass yards we’ve installed in Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Peoria, and Scottsdale. Click here to find out how much you’ll pay for fake grass installation.

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