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Services Offered in Cave Creek, Arizona 

From backyard makeovers to beautiful new walkways, we offer multiple landscaping services to the residents of Cave Creek, Arizona. These include:

Putting Greens

Picture stepping out of your door and being able to play a round of golf in the comfort of your own home. Our carefully designed artificial putting greens accurately replicate the atmosphere, texture, and playability of top-tier golf courses. Whether you’re working on your swing, perfecting your putting technique, or having friendly matches with family and friends, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the durability and resilience of our synthetic turf, your backyard putting green will stay in great condition with minimal maintenance, saving you the trouble of taking care of natural grass. Say goodbye to long trips to the golf course and welcome the luxury of having a private retreat right at your doorstep.

Everyone wants the outside of their home to look just as beautiful as the inside. Dreaming of some curb appeal that will make your home feel warm and inviting? Longing for a more functional outdoor space? Turf Monsters has been helping residents in the greater Phoenix area achieve these goals for years and are here to help the people of Cave Creek, AZ do the same. Here are some of the services we offer and the benefits you can expect from them.

  • Artificial turf – Premium synthetic grass+prices you can afford = the low-maintenance yard of your dreams.
  • Putting greens – Not enough time to hit the links? Home putting and chipping greens make practicing tricky short game shots easy.
  • Outdoor lighting – Create ambiance or add security with an array of landscape lights.
  • Paver projects – Whether it’s a new sidewalk or backyard patio, pavers are as versatile as the projects they’re used for.
  • Custom fire pits and grills – Firepits and outdoor kitchens make outdoor entertaining fun and easy.
  • Pergolas – Get some much-needed shade without sacrificing airflow.
  • Traditional landscaping – No lawn is complete without some strategically placed plants, trees, or shrubs.

Unique needs arise when it comes to outdoor living in the Sonoran Desert. At Turf Monsters, we combine our creativity and knowledge to address these and formulate gorgeous, functional solutions. Read on to learn more about all of the services we offer.

Phoenix’s Most Trusted Artificial Turf Wholesaler

It’s not always easy to find the right synthetic turf to make your outdoor space vision come to life. At Turf Monsters, the company more Sonoran Desert residents turn to when seeking artificial grass near me companies, quality means everything and we’re proud to announce that on top of high-quality artificial grass installation, we are now your go-to wholesale provider! Browse our wholesale artificial turf products, calculate the amount of faux grass needed for your project, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!

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Phoenix Area Backyard Landscaping Fake Grass & Pavers

Artificial Grass

In Cave Creek, a transition has occurred in the artificial turf world over the past several decades. Originally, it was mostly seen in large sports stadiums. But, that is no longer the case. Now that homeowners see how many perks it has, especially those living in arid areas, synthetic sod has quickly grown in demand for backyards.

What Are the Advantages of Going With Artificial Lawn?

Reasons artificial turf is more than just fake grass:

  • Is very low-maintenance. Simply give it an occasional rake and hose down to remove natural and/or pet debris. Gone are the days of worrying about watering, mowing, and fertilizing.
  • Saves you money. Throw those sprinklers to the curb! You will save a ton of money on water savings as well as maintenance costs involved in mowing, edging, and timing. The savings grow even larger if you’re currently paying someone else to do it!
  • Is safe for the whole family. Aside from our faux lawn materials being non-toxic, you won’t have to worry about your kids, human or animal, being around any harsh lawn chemical treatments.
  • Stays green year-round. No more bare, muddy spots and no more brown, dead grass.

Turf Monsters uses top-quality products that are made here in the USA. They are heat-resistant, non-toxic, and look and feel so real that you and your guests will think it is natural.

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Home Putting Green Custom Built

Golf Putting & Chipping Greens

Synthetic turf isn’t just great for lawns in dry areas, like in Cave Creek and other parts of North Phoenix. It makes great putting greens too!

Should I Invest in a Golf Green in My Yard?

You might be asking yourself, What are the main advantages of synthetic putting greens? They:

  • Save you time. Between work and family obligations, it can be hard to find the time to get to the golf course as much as you would like. Having a top-quality practice green in your backyard saves you from having to run to your local club for much-needed practice time.
  • Save you money. Gas money and membership fees add up. You can save yourself some dough with a personal chipping area at home.
  • Improve your short game. Most golfers would agree that these shots are both the hardest during a round and the most difficult to practice. With the ability to practice these at home, your golfing buddies will be both curious and envious of how much your score has improved!
  • Are a great way to relax. Aside from the benefits above, putting around a home green is a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day or with the family on weekends.

The quality of our synthetic turf products is “on par” to give you the real feel and performance of any of the local golf courses you frequent. Best of all, we can recreate those tricky holes, complete with water obstacles, sand traps, and more.

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Backyard Stairs with Landscape Lights for Visibility

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting often doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Not only does it create ambiance in your outdoor spaces, but safety and security as well, which is why you see so many properties in Cave Creek well lit-up at nighttime.

Why Add Custom Lights to My Yard?

When most people think of outside lights, they probably think of the little solar-powered walkway numbers, tiki torches, or even just a simple lantern set out on a patio table. These certainly create their own ambiance, but outdoor illumination has become nearly as sophisticated as indoor lighting. From sun-powered to energy-efficient LEDs, string lights to wall sconces, you can find just about any type of light you’re looking for to create just the right atmosphere for outdoor entertaining and relaxing. Other than brightening up patios, decks, and pool areas, outside lights are also a simple, cost-effective way to highlight the favorite parts of your landscaping or home and increase its value.

Speaking of your house, a well-lit one is also an excellent way to deter burglars from targeting your property. No matter where you live, this is always a concern. Outdoor lighting is an inexpensive way to gain some peace of mind.

If for no other reason, you should have some installed to make pathways and patios safer at night. No more stumbling around or tripping in the dark and visitors will know right where to go when visiting after the sun goes down, preventing them from walking through your lawn and potentially creating worn, bare spots.

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Pavers & Patios

There are many types of hardscape projects and you’ll likely find that just about every home in Cave Creek has it’s own backyard style. Pavers are often used for many of these due to their versatility and durability.

Where Are Pavers Most Commonly Installed?

They can be used for:

  • Patios
  • Walkways
  • Driveways
  • Pool decks
  • And landscaping trim

Paving stones come in an endless array of colors, shapes, designs, and sizes. From natural, organic flagstone, bluestone, and limestone pieces to patterned, geometric concrete ones, you’re sure to find the right ones to fit your aesthetic, whether you’re going for a natural look or something more formal.

They are also very durable compared to other commonly used materials. Unlike concrete slabs, pave stones, stand up to the elements much better. They are much less likely to crack and, even if one does, it is much easier to replace than an entire area.

As mentioned, patios are another great paver project. Whether you spend a little time outside or a lot, they make wonderful additions to any outdoor space. They can be utilized for sitting areas, entertaining, your outdoor kitchen, grill, firepit, and so much more. With the variety of sizes, shapes, and designs of materials Turf Monsters offers, you can get the perfect look no matter how big or small of a space you have to work with.

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Phoenix Property with Fake Grass Surrounding Gas Fire Pit

Fire Pits and Grills

Who doesn’t love sitting around a warm fire and looking up at the stars on a clear, Cave Creek night? Firepits are an easy, inexpensive way to enjoy the great outdoors more for years to come. Plus, they’re easy to maintain, durable, and, perhaps best of all, you don’t have to worry about moving them around like their portable counterparts.

Why Install a Fire Pit or new Grill?

While the simple metal ring pits you see at campgrounds get the job done, firepits have come a long way. You can get as fancy or simple as you like with them. From natural stone circles to elegant, gas-powered tabletop units, Turf Monsters can install it all.

Grilling is a fun activity for many too. (Who doesn’t love a BBQ?) Those who love cooking and entertaining outside are kicking it up a notch by having custom, built-in grills installed or even full kitchens. Not only will you be the envy of the neighborhood and become the newly designated “party house”, but these units make your culinary endeavors a lot easier too.

Grills can be charcoal or gas burning. Many outdoor kitchen units come with storage space, enabling you to store utensils, plates, spices, and more. (In other words, no more running back and forth between the house!) The counter surface lets you prep food outside too. And, if you want to go all out, you can even add a refrigerator or mini-fridge to the ensemble. Don’t forget some comfy seating for all of those awesome get-togethers you’ll have too.

Whether you’re looking for a big cooking space or small, Turf Monsters is happy to work with your preferences and offer plenty of options. We want you to be happy with your outdoor kitchen for many meals to come.

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Phoenix Yard Brick Pavers With Wooden Pergola in Gray


Pergolas are a unique and fairly cost-effective way to provide some much-needed shade for your Cave Creek backyard. Less expensive than a gazebo, which has a solid base and closed roof, their trademark latticework still allows good airflow.

What Are Pergolas Made Out Of?

A pergola can be made from an array of materials, including teak, metal, aluminum, and fiberglass. Wood is also a common option for its price point, but can be a lot of maintenance, especially in harsh environments. Turf Monsters is especially fond of the newer Alumawood. As you can guess, it combines the best of both worlds when it comes to aluminum and wood. It’s durable, comparatively inexpensive, and low-maintenance. Instead of worrying about peeling, warping, and splintering, you’ll just need a fresh coat of paint now and then.

Not sure where you’d want a pergola, but the shade sounds nice? Attached ones make great outdoor entertainment areas and thresholds between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Free-standing ones have a lot of uses too. They’re perfect for relaxing near pool areas. Or, set them up in your garden space for a quiet sitting area and add some hanging or vining plants for a splash of color.

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Cave Creek Trees & Plants

Trees & Plants

To complete your beautiful Cave Creek yard and complement your home and hardscapes, finish it off with some traditional landscaping.

What is Xeriscaping & Is it Right for My Yard?

Our unique dessert terrain can make this a challenge, but that is where xeriscaping comes in. This method combines native plants, grasses, and rock features to create surprisingly stunning combinations. Best of all, the plants need very little water, so you’ll even save money.

Need to get “out with the old, and in with the new?” Turf Monsters is also happy to remove trees, shrubs, and other natural elements that are no longer wanted. Plus, we can trim those branches when they start getting unruly.

Irrigation is also an important part of lawn upkeep, whether it’s for your grass or plants. These systems can save you a lot of money and time, letting you actually enjoy your outdoor space instead of spending hours taking care of it. Already have a system in place? Our team can make any repairs it may need to keep it working its best. We’re also happy to talk with you about your needs and install the irrigation that is just right for your greenery.

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About Cave Creek, Arizona

Cave Creek, AZ - Saguaro Cacti & Desert Bushes with Blue Skies

Located northeast of Phoenix, Cave Creek, Arizona comes with both a small-town and Old West feel. Don’t let its quaint nature fool you, though. There is plenty to do in the area!

For outdoor lovers, there is the nearby Tonto National Forest, Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area, and Cave Creek Regional Park. Enjoy some hiking, mountain biking, camping, and picnicking in these areas. Visit Cave Creek Trail Rides for some guided horseback riding. If that’s not your thing, take a Jeep tour of the National Forest or the Sonoran Desert. Or, get a birdseye view with Arizona Balloon Safaris.

History buffs will love it here too. First, there is the Cave Creek Museum, full of artifacts and interpretive exhibits on the history and culture of the area, a botanical garden, and much more.

No visit would be complete without heading to Frontier Town. It offers unique stores, re-enactments, several events and concerts throughout the year, a gallows, and a cemetery. It’s sure to keep everyone in the family entertained.

Looking to learn a new skill or try a new hobby? Visit the Sonoran Arts League Center for the Arts for one of their workshops. Or, let the kids explore their creative side at an art camp.

Plenty of scrumptious eateries await after a full day of exploring the area. No matter what type of cuisine you prefer, Tonto Bar & Grill, Grotto Cafe, Bryan’s Black Mountain BBQ, El Encanto, and much more are sure to sate your cravings.

If you’re looking for a laid-back town known for its friendly hospitality, you’ll love Cave Creek.


Turf Monsters did a wonderful job on our backyard! They completed the work well ahead of schedule and kept us informed every step of the way. Mike was super friendly, answered all our questions, and helped us select the best options for our space based on our preferences and needs. Overall, we would recommend Turf Monsters to anyone looking to add high-quality turf to their property. They were a pleasure to do business with.
Alysha D.
Michael and his team completed an amazing landscape for my family. Michael helped design the landscape that we had envisioned, and offered many options that helped us to stay within our budget. His team focused on punctuality, quality, and customer service throughout the entire process. Overall, we are very satisfied with everything that they did and we will definitely use them again and recommend to other family and friends!
Vincent H.
Turf Monsters did an amazing job in my backyard. Mike helped me choose the turf that would be best for my dogs. My backyard looks awesome and my dogs love the new turf! Thank you for exceeding my expectations!!
Stephanie M.
Turf Monsters and Mike went above and beyond. The products they offer and the service and installation they did was amazing. They greatly exceeded our expectations. We plan on using them again soon for another part of our yard. Family, friends, and others have given us so many compliments on our new backyard. You can’t go wrong with Turf Monsters. Honest, fair, great products and installation. We could not be any happier. We will use Turf Monsters again!!
Neal R.
Turf Monsters did a great job with our backyard. Mike really went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied and did everything he could to earn our business. Their prices were very competitive, the turf feels high quality and is made in the USA, and the quoting and installation processes were super fast. All-in-all we had a great experience and we would definitely use them again in the future.
Will G.
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What is artificial turf made of?

Artificial turf is typically made of synthetic fibers that are designed to resemble natural grass in appearance and feel. These fibers include polyethylene or polypropylene, which are durable and resistant to wear. The fibers are tufted or stitched into a backing material, which is then laid over a layer of crushed stone or sand to create a stable base.

Is artificial grass safe for children and pets?

Artificial grass is generally safe for children and pets. Because the synthetic fibers are soft and non-toxic, and the surface is generally flat and even, children are less likely to trip or fall. However, it is always a good idea to supervise children and pets when they are playing on any type of surface, and to make sure they are aware of any potential hazards.

How is imitation turf installed?

There are several steps involved in the installation of faux turf. First, the area where the turf will be installed must be prepared by removing any existing grass or vegetation and leveling the ground. Following that, a layer of crushed stone or sand is spread over the area to create a stable foundation. The artificial turf is then unrolled and cut to size, with the edges secured with nails or staples. Finally, the turf is brushed or rolled to ensure that the fibers are properly supported and that any wrinkles or creases are removed.

How is fake grass maintained?

Fake grass requires very little maintenance compared to natural grass. It does not need to be watered or mowed, and no pesticides or fertilizers are required. However, the surface should be kept clean and free of dirt, as leaves and other debris can cause the fibers to mat down and lose their natural appearance. Artificial turf should also be cleaned on a regular basis to remove dust and stains, and it may need to be brushed or rolled on occasion to keep the fibers standing up properly.

How long does faux grass last?

The lifespan of fake grass is determined by a variety of factors, including the product’s quality, the amount of use it receives, and the level of maintenance it receives. With proper care and maintenance, high-quality artificial turf can last for up to 15 years or more. However, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s care and maintenance recommendations to ensure that the turf remains in good condition for as long as possible.

Contact One Of Our Experts To Learn More

We also understand that you may have a lot of initial questions before beginning a project. From which type of turf will work best for your needs to the right types of plants and trees to use in your backyard landscaping design, it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Feel free to reach out at any time to our team of professionals with any questions you may have. We’re always happy to help and look forward to working with you!